Landscape Maintenance

Proper routine maintenance of your home or business’s lawn and beds is key to creating a great impression. Let Bateman Landscaping, LLC make sure your lawn and flower beds look great all year long.

Lawn Care

Great-looking landscaping starts with a healthy, thriving lawn.

From regular mowing to trimming and edging, our team can give you that manicured lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Clean-Up and Mulching

Start spring off with a clean-up and mulching from the talented team at Bateman Landscaping, LLC.  Services include trimming of shrubs, weeding, edging and removal of old mulch material. Installation of fresh mulch inhibits weed growth and gives your property a refreshed look for Spring.


Pruning is selectively removing unwanted stems and branches, which improves the structure and directs new, healthy growth. This is an important part of your property’s frequent maintenance and will enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Seasonal Color

Do you enjoy having your landscape change to reflect the plants and colors that are in season?

With our seasonal color plans, the Bateman Landscaping, LLC team takes care of creating beautiful color displays that will change as the seasons do, giving you a never-ending set of beautiful blooms.

Aeration & Over Seeding

Bring new life to your lawn with aeration and over seeding.  Aeration works to reduce soil compaction while over seeding helps establish a thicker, greener lawn. These two procedures, done together in the spring and the fall, will work together to give you the lawn of your dreams.

Leaf Removal

Leaves that remain all winter rob your lawn and plants below from sunlight. Soggy leaves contain diseases (like snow mold and brown patch) and harbor bacteria, insects, snails and slugs, which wake from dormancy in the warmer months.  Too many leaves can also cause perennial roots to rot.  Include leaf removal in your annual maintenance plan or your fall clean-up and let Bateman Landscaping, LLC ensure you’re off to a good start towards a great-looking lawn when the warmer weather returns.

Property Maintenance Plans

Keep your landscape in top condition all year long with a worry-free maintenance plan.

Contact Bateman Landscaping, LLC today and we will develop a customized property maintenance plan. Whether it includes landscape maintenance, clearing and brush management or snow and ice control, we provide a variety of services to keep your home or business property worry-free and looking its best.