Clearing and Brush Management

Having unsightly brush around property will likely reduce its visual appeal and potentially reduce its market value.  Don’t let ugly brush, weeds, vines, trees and other unappealing plant material take control of your exterior.

Clearing and brush removal is necessary for many reasons. Do you need to maintain or reclaim your property lines? Do you have brush and trees impeding your construction and/or landscaping projects?  You will need to remove undergrowth and other natural vegetation and debris.  Bateman Landscaping has the equipment, ability, experience and skill to handle all your clearing and brush removal needs. Contact us for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

We are experienced in establishing and maintaining equestrian trails for the public and private sector, as well as a variety of trails within parks and recreational areas. We are also very thoughtful in conserving as much of the native habitat as possible, while still meeting your goals and needs.

When you contact us, a team member will come to assess your property and discuss your goals.  We always provide free, fast estimates for all our services.  

Heavy spring rains, summer thunderstorms and high winds that rip through our area can submit landscaping to frequent battering, sometimes with devastating results. Branches snap off, trees split apart and roots pull out of waterlogged soil, leaving your yard a mess. Bateman Landscaping has the team and equipment to promptly and safely clean up the mess and get your property back in shape.