Drainage & Erosion Control

Stormwater Facility Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to ensure the stormwater facility is efficiently doing what it was designed to do and keep you in compliance.  Contact us for debris removal and vegetation management to ensure your stormwater facilities are functioning properly when storms or heavy rains occur.

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Drainage Issues

Do you have indicators of water against your foundation wall? Wet basements, efflorescence (migration of minerals from water through porous material) and watermarks are all signs of a water issue around your foundation. There are numerous ways to address and repair a leaky porous wall and Bateman Landscaping can address and correct them all.

The ground level and how it’s graded is the deciding factor of where surface water will flow.  Most water penetration problems into below grade areas of homes are due to mis-managed surface water. Water accumulates at the foundation of a home when the grade slopes toward the walls. The worst areas are typically at downspouts, exterior steps and window wells. Regrading may be necessary to redirect water away from your foundation and Bateman Landscaping has the equipment and experience necessary to do it. Missing/clogged/damaged downspout extensions are often to blame for wet basements. Bateman Landscaping can inspect and replace these as necessary as part of solving your drainage issues.

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Foundation waterproofing requires first exposing the foundation and identifying the entry points. Next steps are to create a clean surface that the waterproofing coating can adhere to, pinpointing and sealing the holes or cracks and waterproofing the entire wall with a state-of-the-art waterproof coating. We then install a drainage board that serves as an additional water-proof layer to minimize pressure and moisture along the foundation wall. Once the walls are waterproofed, we install new footer drains.  We backfill and compact the soil and ensure your final grade directs water away from your foundation.

All jobs are completed with seed and straw to re-establish your lawn and manage erosion on exposed soil as necessary.